Health and nature

As Montessorians we believe that an essential element for child development is to create a rich learning environment for them. Spending time in nature extends the classroom to the world outside and gives new opportunities for discovery and development.


Our Center is located in the forest on the territory of an equestrian club, and the child’s view is serene and pleasing to the eye: horses walking by, birds flying, trees rustling. We go for a walk two times a day and in any weather except for heavy rain. All we need are appropriate clothes.


Active outdoor games in the fresh air help children to become healthy and strong, and the experience of walking in all types of weather and seasons leads to self-awareness, learning how to take care of oneself, and how to choose right clothes for the weather.


Nature is the most creative thing in the world and children learn from it. Knowledge brings appreciation and respect, which is a vital parts of ecological education for children, and is essential to one of goals of our Center.