Children don’t learn best by the “talk and repeat” model and they also can’t learn language just from listening to a CD or watching TV. Interaction with native speakers, which also has a purpose, is the best way for learning.


The Montessori environment we provide is bilingual and has a lot of materials and opportunities for learning English and Russian, including songs, books, language enrichment cards, learning games, reading classification cards, movable alphabets, etc. Materials evolve with time from simple to very complex.


We create a reason to use a language for the child. Children want to be able to talk to the English-speaking teacher or classmates, to read a book or to sing a song.


Starting from the Toddler class, we always provide a native speaking model of language. To learn a language, it’s best to learn it from someone who has mastered it. Interaction with native speakers provide rich vocabulary and clear pronunciation.